PRESS RELEASE FOR KILL EVERYONE by Mike Lavella (Gearhead Magazine)
As Arch Hall Jr. famously states at the beginning of The Sadist, ´I have been hurt by others, and I will hurt them. I will make them suffer as I have suffered.´ This is the very same objective of Kill Everyone, the new release from NYC punk mainstays The Turbo A.C.´s. More than merely exploitation, like all of the best punk rock ever made this is pure social commentary, the kind that grabs you by the throat the second you hit play and never lets go. Here singer/guitarist Kevin Cole assumes the identity of the most disruptive elements in human society, those who seek to inflict moral insanity on the innocent. That is his objective, his twisted pleasure, but the pleasure is actually all ours. Desperate times call for desperate music, and the tracks on Kill Everyone create thee soundtrack for a pre-apocalyptic civilization headed straight to Hell. Embracing various psychosis and psychotic behaviors on each track is the name of the game, and along the way everything from the films of the Shaw Brothers to lines once spoken by bands as diverse as The Misfits to Three Dog Night are cleverly woven into the narrative, as nothing that helps drive this plot to it´s grizzly conclusion is spared. The narrator of ´Take Me Home´ for instance is a man looking back on a lifetime of immoral behavior. Reflective but never repentant, his sins rise to the surface and we the listeners are totally captivated. The very act of dying itself never sounded as good as it does on ´Die Tomorrow.´ With its impossibly catchy chorus, one can easily imagine the sea of fist-pumping fans at future Turbo A.C.´s shows, celebrating their own mortality. Tempos change throughout these seventeen stellar tracks, but no good genre is left behind. Straight up hardcore tracks like ´Ancient Chinese Secret´ contentedly co-exist with rockers like “Emergency Room” and ´Live Fast Die Slow,´ and if The Ventures ever returned as zombies in need of a soundtrack for killing those that did them in, the instrumental ´Sonora´ would fill that bill nicely. But nowhere does entire concept come together as brilliantly on the title track. ´Kill Everyone´ is simultaneously creepy and seductive, in the fine tradition of the best serial killers in the business. If the line, ´Today I skipped my medicine, you´re shit outta luck´ isn´t the ultimate statement on today´s medicated society, then I don´t know what is. Listening to it now, I can easily visualize the slow motion slaughter montage it would be perfect for in the next Quentin Tarantino movie, if there was any justice at all in this God forsaken world.

Generally a group of songs played with so much swagger (read: cockiness) and attitude might make the casual listener think ´these guys are smug´ but long time fans will rejoice in the absolute victory that is Kill Everyone, while the uninitiated will simply be awestruck. I know of what I speak, I´ve hung on every note this band has played since their debut was released in 1996, now fully a generation ago in rock and roll terms, and this is far and away their finest effort. Simply put, if any band has ever put more energy into a record than the Turbo A.C´s have here, I´ve yet to hear it. - Mike LaVella